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Wire-Free Smart Dimmer Switch
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The Wire-Free Smart Dimmer Switch adds lighting touch control anywhere. The smart Bluetooth switch connects wirelessly to CYNC and C by GE Smart Bulbs, Smart Plugs and Smart Switches to provide whole room control. You can turn lights on and off, brighten and dim from anywhere in the room. Want a switch closer to your bed or one that's reachable when you walk into your front door? Place a Wire-Free Smart Switch where there isn't a switch today with no wires or screws needed making it perfect for rentals or dorm rooms. The Wire-Free Smart Switch includes removable tape and a replaceable battery that's rated to last over two years. Pair with other CYNC and C by GE switches, bulbs and plugs in the Cync App and create 3-way connections, control electric devices like fans and space heaters and use touch to turn off lights on different circuits.


  • Add a smart switch anywhere and upgrade your smart home: This battery powered light switch doesn't require an electrical connection, so you can install the switch to any wall or surface
  • For use with Cync devices: This dimmer light switch adds touch control for other Cync bulbs, switches, and plugs. Group this switch together with other products so you can control your kitchen lights from the couch or your space heater from bed
  • Easy to control: Control lights in different rooms by wirelessly pairing this smart light switchswitch to another Cync or C by GE smart switch, so you can control the same light from multiple Cync or C by GE smart switches through 3-way connections
  • No wires or screws needed: Use the included adhesive tape to add a switch next to your bed or front door - no wiring or electrician needed


Manuals & Technical Documents

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